Why are we "MAD" about being Vegan?

Well, actually we're not! When we were trying to figure out what to name our business, we reflected on the fact that we were both really excited about this project because of our children. MAD is actually simply the initials of our three boys' names.

The M stands for Murray. Murray is currently a 20 month old wild child and is being raised vegan by me (Randi) and my husband Steve. Murray was my inspiration behind writing this book. I had bought many popular vegan children's books and didn't really find any that speak directly to my child. So, I decided to write one that really focuses on a child who is born vegan and will see people who aren't vegan as "other," instead of the other way around.

The A stands for Adrian. Adrian is my (Abby) sweet, quiet child. He turned 12 in November and is finishing his first year of middle school. He attends a green academy where they take care of animals and learn to garden. If you can get him to talk, he'll tell you everything he knows about sports, especially football.

The D stands for Drake. Drake just turned the big 10! He's my (Abby) loud child and he'll be the first to tell you he's very vegan. He will then also tell you 100 random stories. He's my artist and musician. He's currently working on designing vegan stickers for his own business while learning to rock out on the piano. I think it helps that his mom is an artist.

Obviously we could have also gone with DAM Vegan, but we thought MAD was more fun!! We are 90's teens so we both went through a period of our young lives where the word, "mad" meant "very." And we are all so very vegan.

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